'Myrkur Dagar' (2017) Premiere by Juliet Fraser

A new work 'Myrkur Dagar' (2017) for voice and electronics will be performed by soprano Juliet Fraser on Thursday 9th February at St Paul's Hall, University of Huddersfield. The work will be featured alongside works by Alvin Lucier, Cassandra Mille, and Lawrence Dunn. 

Program Note: Dark figures had plagued his vision for the past week. It had started innocuously enough; a soft flicker at the corners of his sight, which had by now taken the shape of obscured human forms that evaporated when he attempted to bring them into focus. ‘Of course’, he would remind himself, ‘they are not real.’ Unfortunately, this did not stop them from appearing. So far, these displaced shadows had not obviously sought to involve themselves with him, and yet they were nonetheless exerting a growing influence.

Driving home from work, a figure moved so sharply that, momentarily distracted, he failed to notice a small animal in the road. The animal bounded out of the way and an incident was avoided. Yet the realisation of this momentary loss of awareness and control unnerved him. He returned home, sat on his couch, and turned on the television, letting the crisp blue light saturate the room. He sat on his own, in the company of many.

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'Apologies, I Am Here Now' (2016) to be performed at VIPA Festival 2016, in Valencia, Spain by [Switch~ Ensemble]

A new work of mine 'Apologies, I Am Here Now' (2016) will be performed at the 2016 Valencia International Performance Academy and Festival this July. The piece was one of nine works written for [Switch~ Ensemble] following an international call for scores and proposals as part of the ensembles residence at VIPA.

Program Note: “Apologies, I am here now” was a phrase that stared back at me from an email sometime in 2015, or possibly 2014… it doesn’t matter. In essence it meant very little, merely an acknowledgement of availability by the sender in response to an earlier missed call. Yet, in an instant I forgot this context and the phrase took on an almost crushing intensity. And then, almost as suddenly, it didn’t.

'Apologies, I Am Here Now' will be performed alongside works by VIPA faculty members Rand Steiger and Stefano Gervasoni, commissioned composers Timothy McCormack and James Bean, and eight other young composers selected by VIPA and [Switch~].

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Shelter for small ensemble and electronics (2016) premiered by Greywing Ensemble at Nature Forms

The premiere of Shelter for small ensemble and electronics (2016) will take place on the 13th May, 2016 at the Nature Forms concert at the State Library of Western Australia by GreyWing Ensemble. Nature Forms focuses on recent works by Western Australian composers that explore the sounds of nature as a source of inspiration.

Program Note: If I may be somewhat cynical for a moment, it strikes me that it can be tempting to treat the inclusion of electronics as an afterthought; an extra element to be added to an already fully shaped acoustic work. In adapting my electronic work Shelter to include instrumentalists, I find this problem to be inverted. Rather than using unnecessary electronics, I find myself wary of adding unnecessary acoustic elements to what I would consider to be an already pretty subtle and understated piece, thus running the risk of weakening the overall experience.

It’s a concern, but nonetheless one which I hope to have overcome, embracing the opportunity to transform the original electronic work into something more lively and, dare I say, environmental. The compositional intentions of the original Shelter remain at play here - this version still seeks to address the assumptions of multichannel listening, while affecting an environment of sound in preference to an experience of sound. However, this revised version adds a little bit of much needed chaos, albeit a suitably reserved chaos; a chaos subtle enough to ignore if
such is your want.

GreyWing Ensemble are Catherine Ashley (harp), Jameson Feakes (guitar) and Lindsay Vickery (clarinet and electronics).

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All Hail South East London programmed at AudibleVISIONS: Conference of Sound and Video Art

My original video works will be screened at AudibleVISIONS, a two day conference that will address the contemporary exchange, influence and synthesis of video and sound-based art: AudioVisuals (AV).

Hosted by Goldsmiths, University of London, audibleVISIONS will take place on 11-12 May 2016, in association with Sound Practice Research Unit, Electronic Music Studio and the Department of Music. This conference will bring together invited artists, scholars, students and artists researching and practicing in music, sound and visual Arts - for live, interactive and fixed electronics for AV media.

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Between A Thought And An Action for vocal ensemble, to be performed by the Vocal Constructivists

My original graphic score 'Between a thought and an action', for vocal ensemble, has been selected as the winner of the Vocal Constructivists/SNCMF graphic score competition. The piece will be performed by the Vocal Constructivists at the Stoke Newington Contemporary Music Festival on 5-December 2015.

Program Note: I’ve always appreciated graphic notation for it’s ability to provide a medium for expression that is at once concrete and real, yet interpretive. Musical graphic notation is the most flexible tool with which to realise a subtly and interpretation of material that the visual arts takes for granted, operating in the same space that we find the linguistic techniques of metaphors, smilies and idioms. However, these realisations much necessarily take place in the world of sound, and as such the graphic is realised between the way we interpret a visual relationship and the way we embody that relationship in action.

'Between a thought and an action' will be programmed alongside works by Cornelius Cardew, Bogusław Schäffer, Stephen Montague, and Wojciech Kosma, in a program of music focusing on contemporary Polish pieces alongside past composers, juxtaposing music from the 18th and 20th centuries.


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