Cycle~ 440

The Topography of Ascending Frameworks
Released: January, 2015
Label: Hospital Hill

The Topography of Ascending Frameworks marks the final instalment of the Constructions trilogy. A long form conceptual work that started with 2011's The Geography of Collapsing Structures and continued with 2012's The Cartography of Shifting Planes

Across eight immersive tracks, the duo of Sam Gillies and Kevin Penkin continue to hone their blend of spacious piano motifs, semi-improvised electronica and sporadic, deftly-treated found sounds. Walking a delicate line between ambient minimalism, cinematic soundscapes, glitch and modern jazz; Cycle~ 440 are less an amalgam of genres and more a singular exploration of colour. 

The Topography of Ascending Frameworks boasts a strikingly scientific title, but it is by no means a cold or clinical listen. It ticks forward with quiet, sanguine momentum, bubbles under its still surface, surges with warped strands of noise pitted against contemplative chords and seethes with ominous drones and unsettling oscillations. Every moment exudes a unique blend of granular detail and expansive landscapes.


Released: September, 2013
Label: Wood and Wire

17843+ is a collection of recordings from an 8 show tour of Japan undertaken by Cycle~ 440 in February 2013. The tour took Cycle~ 440 through a variety of locations, from gallery spaces to grunge clubs, and everything in between. These recordings we collected and edited from over four hours of material recorded during this tour through Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, and show Cycle~ 440 experimenting with a variety of compositional and improvisational approaches that would inform the structures that guide the direction of their next album “The Topography of Ascending Frameworks”. “17843+” shows Cycle~ 440 as a live force, raw, playful, and delicate, while retaining the visceral nature of their live performance, their unique brand of melodious noise vibrating throughout the different chambers of Japan’s experimental music scene.

“Cycle~ 440 combine piano and laptop to create dense, semi-improvised jams that sit somewhere between organic warmth and sci-fi doom. 17843+ captures the intriguing Perth duo live and at their best, on tour in Japan earlier this year. Like a colder, more cerebral version of the great Christian Fennesz / Ryuichi Sakamoto collabs, this loose, no-nonsense record is a fascinating addition to the ever-expanding Wood & Wire stable.” -AZZZ


On Distant Shores With Friends: 2013 Japan Tour LP
Released: Feburary, 2013

Recorded and produced by Laurie Sinagra from the Foodchain Real to Reel recording studio, 2012. Official Tour LP from Cycle~ 440's 2013 tour of Japan. 
Cover design by Craig Childs




Cycle~ 440 and Kynan Tan: Live @ The Bird 07.10.2012
Released: January, 2013

Live performance at The Bird, Northbridge featuring Kynan Tan.

Supporting Benoit Pioulard and Gilded (Adam Trainer and Matt Rösner)



The Cartography of Shifting Planes
Released: April, 2012
Label: Twiceremoved Records

Cycle~ 440 continued the 'Constructions Trilogy' in 2012 with The Cartography of Shifting Planes, an exploration of the musical potential of the line and of constant variation through minimal gestures.

"The planes are shifting indeed; the harsh static bursts are saved for the album’s direct center, where they can best be appreciated as the groundwork has already been laid ... Then in kind contrast, the abrasive sounds recede, content to bubble in the background while the piano plays a lost lament.  Then the instruments return to home base, altered by their experience, but intact.  The final track is split into two pieces, intimating that the listener is also invited to walk in one direction or another, toward the familiar or the unknown." - Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

"The compositions are confident, but fragile too. Exactly how Cycle~ 440 have managed to make a record both so finely balanced and yet teetering on the edge of self-destruction, we may never know." - Lyndon Blue, The Thousands (Perth)


The Geography of Collapsing Structures
Released: January, 2011

The 'Constructions Trilogy' began in 2011 with The Geography of Collapsing Structures, a study of deconstructive forces as applied to composition.

“The real achievement of ‘The Geography of Collapsing Structures’ is its ability to be consistently engaging, while being simultaneously challenging, something that, much as I love it, can’t be said about every release in the genre.” – Jack Midalia, Life Is Noise

“Gillies’ manipulations moved between the delicate and the aggressive providing an interplay of dominance and submission. The real moments of beauty came when the piano part was finally able to break free from its accompaniment and manage a few beautifully sparse notes in the upper register before being once again buried in a wash of noise.” – Henry Andersen, Earwax New Music Magazine, Club Zho 96

“‘Rainbow Electronics’ [track 5 from ‘TGOCS’] has a modern classical feel about it mixed with sound-wave decay that wash in and out and compliments the almost percussive piano. It is probably the standout track on the LP as it merges the two styles perfectly to form one style.” – Gavin Catling, Twiceremembered Twiceremoved