"Red River" broadcast on ABC Classic FM's New Music Up Late

On the 27th of January New Music Up Late broadcast the recordings from the "Breaking Out" young composers concert that formed part of the 10th Totally Huge New Music Festival. The concert kicked off with my audio-visual work "Red River" and features other works by talented composers from WAAPA and UWA. Check out the restream from the New Music Up Late website. (Hopefully the restream should be up soon!)


Noizemaschin!! #6 - Silent Night Free Download On Bandcamp

The recordings from the Noizemaschin!! Xmas Special: Noizemaschin!! #6 - A Very Noisy Xmas are now available on The Artifactory Bandcamp as a free download. Included in this release is my own noisy reworking of the seasonal favourite "Silent Night".


Music For Computers - Now Available on Bandcamp

I've finally got around to making my Music For Computers EP available as a pay-what-you-want download. The EP comprises of five tracks of noisy blasts and pulses created from raw data files opened as audio files. Some tracks are pretty intense harsh noise while others are more of an ambient-noise-glitch hybrid so theres a nice range across the 18-odd-minutes worth. The EP was mastered by Kynan Tan and the album images were created by my good friend Jessica Currie.


Cycle~ 440's Rumination - Free Download

Cycle~ 440 is the piano and laptop duo featuring Kevin Penkin on piano and myself on Laptop processing. We are in the process of getting our second album ready to launch in the middle this year and as such have made the first track from the album "Rumination" available as a free download from our soundcloud account. So head on over and check it out!

Rumination - single version (Free 320-mp3 Download) by Cycle~ 440

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