CutCommon: The New Generation Of Classical Music

In January I became involved with a wonderful group of fellow music writers, journalists and theorists. In early March our plans to launch a new publication came to fruition and the online publication CutCommon was launched. CutCommon brings an energetic and articulate eye to the world of classical and new music all over Australia. With contributors in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Tasmania, CutCommon will be bringing coverage of all the classical music events and happenings that matter most from all over the nation. Be sure to check out the website for the articles, and join our facebook page for updates.


Interview with Cat Hope, Artistic Director of Decibel New Music

In 2013 I was commissioned by Decibel New Music to write an original work as part of The WA Composers Project, which saw Decibel reside in the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts for two weeks. I was recently interviewed by Cat Hope regarding the work I wrote for them, titled The Aura Implicit, and the interview can be found here. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the work i've composed and discuss the inspirations and intentions of my work.


2013 - In Summary

As 2013 draws to a close it seems timely to reflect on my activity for the year. 2013 has seen me split my time between teaching at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and pursuing creative interests. Its been a big year for me: I've performed internationally with Cycle~ 440 in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, i've had my first commissioned sound art installation thanks to Foodchain and Perth City, and Cycle~ 440 won the WAM Experimental Song Of The Year award. 2014 is shaping up to be a great year, starting with my participation in the AYO Words About Music program in January and, with any luck, the potential to continue my studies overseas. For now though, i've compiled a list of my activities across 2013 (more for my own records than anything else).

Guerilla Sessions - 07.01.2013 - Solo
Noizemaschin!! #19 - 29.01.2013 - Solo
DOCKGAVOTTE, Yuno Museum, Osaka - 02.02.2013 - Cycle~ 440
Miniatures, MIIT House, Osaka - 03.02.2013 - Cycle~ 440
Hokage, Osaka - 04.02.2013 - Cycle~ 440
Minamo Tour Support, Nu Things, Osaka - 05.02.2013 - Cycle~ 440
UrbanGuild, Kyoto - 08.02.2013 - Cycle~ 440
A(n) Arrangement(s), Kosmos Lane Studio and Gallery, Tokyo - 09.02.2013 - Cycle~ 440
Bliss In The Dark, Next Sunday, Tokyo - 11.02.2013 - Cycle~ 440
Test Tone, Super-Deluxe, Tokyo - 12.02.2013 - Cycle~ 440
The Cinematic Scores II, Fringeworld - 16.02.2013 - Celestial Excursions
Noizemaschin!! #20 - 26.02.2013 - Solo
Shock Of The New, Spectrum Gallery - 05.04.2013 - Solo
Going Solo, The Moon - 10.07.2013 - Celestial Excursions
Noizemaschin!! #25 - 23.07.2013 - Solo
Conduit Arts, Melbourne - 26.07.2013 - Cycle~ 440
Make It Up Club, Melbourne - 30.07.2013 - Cycle~ 440
New Music Network Mini Series, Sydney - 01.08.2013 - Cycle~ 440
Shock Of The New, Spectrum Gallery - 10.10.2013 - Solo
Noizemaschin!! #28 - 29.10.2013 - Solo
Noizemaschin!! #29 - 26-11-2013 - Celestial Excursions
Noizemaschin!! #30 - 17.12.2013 - Solo

The Days When Crows Would Watch Us Play II, Drawn From Sound Exhibition, Spectrum Gallery - 28.03.2013 - 12.04.2013
Warning Tones, ZED Digital, Brisbane - Broadcast 10.04.2013
Burning Embers, Transart, Foodchain/City Of Perth - 10.06.2013 - 10.07.2013
The Aura Implicit, Decibel New Music, Western Australian Composers Project, PICA - 05.07.2013 and 06.07.2013
Red River, International Computer Music Conference - 15.08.2013
Lingering Echoes of the Tempest (Cycle~ 440), FBi Radio (Ears Have Ears), Sydney - 29-08-2013
The Aura Implicit, Decibel presents ‘Australian Music Program 2013’, The Audio Art Festival, Karkow, Poland - 24.11.2013
The Aura Implicit, Decibel presents ‘Australian Music Program 2013’, DIG Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia - 25.11.2013

WAM Song Of The Year (Experimental) - Cycle~ 440


Steven Dickie (UK) "The Problems Of Explaining A Thunk" Opens Friday 22nd November

For the past couple of months i've been developing a neat piece of software that can reorder video frame according to their respective sound qualities. Alongside SKoT Mcdonald, who developed the audio analysis component, the software was developed for UK artist Steven Dickie's exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Center "The Problems Of Explaining A Thunk" and will generate alternative, nonlinear versions of the original video work that forms the crux of the project. The exhibition runs from November 23 2013 - January 14 2014. More information is avaiable from the Fremantle Arts Center website here.


Cycle~ 440 Win 2013 WAM Song Of The Year (Experimental)

Last night Cycle~ 440 - my piano and laptop project with pianist Kevin Penkin - was announced as the winner of the 2013 WAM Song Of The Year award for the track "So We Beat On, Boats Against The Current" from our forthcoming album 'The Topography of Ascending Frameworks'. The award will enable us to work with Qwartz Music in France, as well as giving us further opportunities to tour and record. Cycle~ 440 would like to thank WAM, our family, friends and significant others, as well as everyone that has bought, downloaded or listened to our music for the last four years. We're hoping for an album launch in early 2014, but in the meantime you can hear our winning song (as well tracks by other nominee's Kucka, The Intensoband and Gilded - they all make amazing music and are worth listening to!) at the 2013 WAM Song Of The Year Awards website.